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Mason Zemlak
Mason ZemlakOwner / Inspector
I began my career in oil & gas working for an above ground storage tank repair company. The majority of my work performed with this company was tank related. Projects included, floor, course and floating roof repair & replacement, Edge and full tank lifts as well as ground work. Through out this period of time (2004 -2009) as an apprentice welder I became aware and more interested in the field of non-destructive evaluation. I decided quickly to jump head first into the inspection side of the welding process in 2015 when I attended NDT foundations program at SAIT in Calgary AB. I began my Testing and inspection career in Cold lake alberta working for a major NDE company. I spent the next 6 years in the Cold Lake area performing industrial Radiography In major petrochemical plants as well as pipeline applications. I swiftly acquired certifications through my time working as an RT lead on numerous projects. Today I Own and Manage Clarity Inspection Inc. where I plan on building services and customer Relationships through out Western Canada.

API 510/570/1169
CGSB: RT2 / MT2 / PT2 / UT1

Brett Kincade
Brett KincadeRope Access Lead
As the Founder and Director of Silent Fox Industries LTD, trading as Fox Rope Access, I provide Level 3 Certified Industrial Rope Access Services in the construction, oil/gas, mining, steel plants and building maintenance industries. My Strategic partnership with Clarity Inspection Inc. has enabled me to broaden my
service capabilities and provide safe and effective rope access solutions for all of our clients. Clarity’s Extensive safety program and rope access procedure system enables our teams to execute several types of work from the ropes as well as provide professional support for trade company’s in house technicians. We always ensure projects are completed to the highest safety & quality standard. Completing all jobs correctly and safely, the first time, is my top priority on every project. I am highly trained in I.R.A.T.A. climbing procedures and possess a wide range of experience working with tradesmen in numerous fields including:

• Electrical;
• NDT;
• Insulating;
• Labour
• Window washing;
• Building maintenance
• Welding;
• Pipe fitting;
• Project operation assistance
• API & CWB visual inspection;
• Stand-by rescue.

I have amassed 4000+ hours of in-harness time over 7 years of hands on experience.

Jason Runge
Jason RungeLead Rope Access Tradesman
Rope Access Cert: IRATA Level 3
Owner/Operator SWAT Mobile Welding Ltd.

In 1994 I began my full-time career in the Canadian forest industry providing maintenance and repair service to Pulp Paper, MDF and Sawmill sectors. In 2005, I created SWAT Mobile Welding LTD (Specialty Welding Access Technologies). The company continues to merge highly advanced welding processes with rope access techniques and provides maintenance and repair to forestry, mining and oil & gas industries. Over many years I’ve provided hands-on welding to ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, along with consulting, to leading rope access companies in North America. A proven track record of safety, quality-of-work and loyalty over two decades has kept myself in a forward motion evolving within all aspects of on/off-rope industries. The Strategic partnership with clarity Inspection Inc. has enabled us to broaden our services and offer Inspection, support as well as on-rope trades work and welding to our clients.

SWAT Mobile Welding Ltd is certified to:
– CSA W47.1
– CSA W59
– AWS D1.1/D1.1M
– AWS D1.3/D1.3M

Certificates held (Inter-Provincial):

-F21 to F25/P21 to P26
-F4X to F4x/P1 to P4x
-F6 F5/P1 to P15F
-F6 F4/P1 to P15F
-F3 F4/P1 to P1
-F3 F4/P1 to P15E

PWP # 7
PWP # 9
PWP # 10
PWP # 11

CWB F4 All Pos.

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